Posted on: 7. november 2011

Visit from StrathmoreDr. Monica Kerretts and Dr. Joseph Sevilla visit Oslo November 4th - 7th 2011

Visit from Strathmore
Dr. Sevilla, Dr. Kerretts and Glenn Ruud at BI
Arriving Friday evening from Copenhagen, Denmark we were delighted to welcome Monica and Joseph in Oslo. It became a very productive and useful week-end. We managed to outline the next steps for idea Foundation as well as visiting relevant Norwegian institutions like Fredskorpset and The Norwegian Business School BI.

Visit to FK Norway (Fredskorpset)

Saturday we visited FK. Both Tutu Jacobsen, Team Leader Health and Education and Håvard Hovdhaugen, Team Leader Environment, Climate and Economic Development was there to meet us. Several opportunities for cooperation was discussed during the meeting. Strathmore and Idea Foundation will work on an outline for this. Among other things we will work on a proposal to strengthen the capacity for the Strathmore Business Incubator and look for institutions to cooperate with in Norway.

Visit to Norwegian Business School BI

On Sunday we were received at the Norwegian Business School BI by Glenn Ruud, Director Executive Masters.
The interesting and extensive presentation of BI presented many exiting possibilities to explore. BI has an extensive set up with 20.000 student enrolled on both under graduate studies as well as post graduate studies, Executive MBA'a and short focused programs.
With the emerging focus on the fast economic growth in many African countries ad the increasing interest in the African continent we hope to find opportunities in the future that could strengtten both BI and Strathmore as visionary institutions for higher education and business entrepreneurship.