About us:

Our Mission

Our aim is to support the creation of enduring entrepreneurship and business competence with high ethical standards. The projects funded shall create value and employment to the local community and hence create prosperity and inspiration to others.
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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee will select the projects to invest in and/or provide financial contributions to on the recommendation of the Selection and advisory committee.

The investment committee determine the guidelines for financial contributions, including ethical guidelines that must be observed by anyone who receives funds from the Foundation. Furthermore, the investment committee set the rules regarding the conditions that must be met in order to be accepted as a recipient of funds from the Foundation, as well as procedures for application and allocation.

Members of the Investment Committee:
Tine Wollebekk, Chair
Jarle Kvam
Rune Rinnan
George Njenga
Espen Wollebekk

Selection & Advisory Committee at Strathmore

The Selection and Advisory Committee at Strathmore is an important point of contact for the students and graduates of Strathmore. They will both give advice on the initial process of applying for support from IDEA as well as providing advice and follow up for the students in the project phase.
The main function of the Selection & Advisory Committee is to support the Investment Committee on what projects to support.

Who are we

IDEA Foundation is established in Norway under the Lotteri og Stiftelses Tilsynet.
The Foundation is a private intiative based on a strong belief and the great help of generous supporters.
In many African countries there are now prospering educational institutions and universites. Many graduates have great ideas for business ventures they want to start but where do they go?
The concept is that by offering support to business ideas, Africans can create sustainable development for Africans.
IDEA Foundation is founded by people with executive background from the financial industry. The ambition is that this experience and the network will contribute to a new form of developing aid - Combining business competence with philanthropy.
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Ethical guidelines for IDEA Foundation

Ethical guidelines and values - IDEA Foundation
Background and definitions
A code of ethics is a set of principles of conduct within an organization that guide decision making and behavior. The purpose of the code is to provide members and other interested persons with guidelines for making ethical choices in the conduct of their work. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of credibility in a working community. Member of an organization adopt a code of ethics to share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the organization's principles and standards of practice.
Source: www.uslegal.com

Our Partners

IDEA Foundation would not have been made possible without the extensive help from our distinguished Partners. Contributing ProBono in the start up phase of IDEA Foundation
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Posted on: 15. mars 2012

Idea Foundation is on Facebook!

Idea Foundation is now on Facebook. Check us out, like and keep updated!
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Posted on: 18. januar 2012

Idea Foundation is approved by the Norwegian Innsamlingskontrolen

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