Third application round finished

The third application round is now finished, and we look forward to review the applications.

Contact John Matogo

For further information about the application requirements please contact:

John Matogo at:

Who Can ApplyFor Strathmore Alumni

Investments and/or financial contributions to start-up and development of specific business ideas can be given to applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant has passed and can document completion of examinations at Strathmore.
  • The applicant has received approval from Strathmore to apply for funding; and
  • The applicant has prepared a business plan for the project applied for, including a business strategy, investment and progress plan, as well as budget.

Guideline for Business Initiatives

In order to evaluate applications here are some of our guidelines:

  • Business Plan including, time frame, milestones, investment plan in addition to the concept idea, market and strategy.
  • To be accepted by the Foundation the business scope has to be within the areas of the Kenya Vision 2030.
  • The Project has to be recommended by the Selection & Advisory Committee
  • The contract with the student will include ethical guidelines.
  • The payments will typically be in installments according to an agreed payment plan related to milestones of the project.
  • Initially we will keep four deadlines a year for applications. The first being April 6th 2012
Posted on: 6. mars 2013


We are in the process of finalizing the third round for new applications to IDEA Foundation. IDEA Foundation will support good business ideas with start-up capital to young entrepreneurs who have a great business idea they want to develop.

The deadline was past due by the end of February, but since our website has been out of order for a while we are open for late arrivals through out the week.
Please contact John Matogo at iBizAfrica if you want to apply.
You can consult our websites under "Apply for support" to get more information about the requirements.