Measuring our impact:

Measure our impact

The Foundation will measure its activities according to a number of quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Qualitatively, a number of students have the opportunity to try out their business ideas in a small scale and with basic sound and ethical business principles. This will be important role models for building sustainable businesses in the community. This is a less quantifiable but no less important goal. IDEA can help to create a platform for healthy ethical business principles. It is a fact that Kenya and many other African countries is far down the list of Transparency International's corruption index. Students at the University come from all over Kenya and neighboring countries. An important effect by supporting start-up through the university is to be able to build sustainable development by the students that start a business.

Quantitative measures are initial related to the number of successful initiatives. Next parameter is the project's ability to build jobs. When the Foundation support one person to create a business this will be a catalyst to secure new jobs, both directly in their own operations and indirectly through suppliers, customers and partners. Number of local jobs will eventually be the most important measure for a successful impact.