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Posted on: 16. september 2011

Partner opportunities

As a Partner with IDEA Foundation we can offer a first hand involvement with entrepreneurship and developing aid in Africa.
IDEA Foundation work with Universities and Business Schools and all funds for start ups are channeled to students and graduates with viable business ideas and a commitment to pursue them.
Partners can participate in investment decisions and follow up.
Employees of Partners will benefit from business updates and invitations to participate in mentor programs and other activities.
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Posted on: 15. september 2011

Volunteer and Participate

You can make a significant contribution by volunteering in our work with IDEA Foundation. We need experienced business people.
Posted on: 13. september 2011


Any contribution, large or small will be greatly appreciated.

All administration in Norway is done on a voluntary basis which enable us to channel all contributions directly in to concrete start ups and the Business Incubator

Your contribution will have a direct impact on the opportunities for young entrepreneurs to succeed and create sustainable business and jobs in their local community.

Please register your payment with name and e-mail in order for us to send you up-dates on the projects that you help us to support.

Payment to:
Idea Foundation
Nordea account: 6039.06.95406
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