Our projects and plans:

Congratulations to our three new projects

Congratulations to our three new projects; Purpink, Cheubaca Technologies and Jaynazz. The investment Committee are happy to announce that they have decided to support these three companies. By including these, IDEA Foundation is now supporting a high variation of companies. Please click here to read more about our new and old projects.

The investment Committee has also decided that two of the earlier projects, Buymore and Health-e-net , will receive further financial support.

Ongoing start-ups

IDEA Foundation is currently supporting ten projects:


Lelgut Dairy Farm


Pesa Tracker App

Braggz designz

Eliteways Travel



Cheubaca Technologies


To read more about the different companies visit Ongoing start-ups

Our Partnership with Strathmore University

Our distinguished Partner in Kenya is the Strathmore University & Business School and their Center of Excellence @iLabAfrica.
Applicants for funds will be students or graduates of Strathmore. Most projects will be connected to the university and the Business Incubator where applicable.
Posted on: 4. september 2011

Giving business ideas a great chance

idea Foundation
The mission for idea Foundation is to fund great ideas and make them into sustainable business. The aim is to support the development of more business competence and the ability to create enduring entrepreneurship. The projects funded shall potentially create value and employment to the local community and hence create prosperity and inspiration to others.