Strathmore and @iLab Africa:

Our Partnership with Strathmore University

Our distinguished Partner in Kenya is the Strathmore University & Business School and their Center of Excellence @iLabAfrica.
Applicants for funds will be students or graduates of Strathmore. Most projects will be connected to the university and the Business Incubator where applicable.

Strathmore University

Transforming Africa Initiative Since its founding in 1961, Strathmore University has had a tremendous impact on Kenya and on generations of students who have come to our campus seeking knowledge, direction, and a sense of purpose. It is a journey that has seen Strathmore become part of the solution for a developing nation by nurturing the creative energy and drive in young talent to inspire and transform society. It has been a journey that seeks to create relevant solutions for a greater Africa by Africans.
As we enter a new stage of development, within a globalized context, there is need for building competencies pertinent in a fast paced world. Contribution from higher education institutes for sustainable development is imperative and cannot be ignored. Yet our contribution to this process is different in signal ways. We just don’t seek to build capacity for Africa. For us it is about Transforming Africa through Leadership.
Strathmore 50th Anniversary Celebration
The motto of Strathmore University<:  "Ut omnes unum sint" is Latin which means "That all may be one". It expresses our desire to work together towards the same aim, in spite of personal differences or opinion, tastes and backgrounds.
In 2005 the Strathmore Business School was established

Strathmore Business School

Strathmore Business School is part of Strathmore University. It was founded in 2005 after a memorandum of understanding between Strathmore University and IESE business school.
George Njenga was the first founding dean of Strathmore Business School (SBS).
Since 2005 SBS has developed programs including the MBA academic program, executive education programs in partnership with IESE, executive management programs for all levels of business leadership, executive training for health care management together with governments and non-governmental organizations and most particularly it has already help two programs for women in leadership in East Africa.
SBS reaches out to business leaders in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, and South Africa.
SBS is part of the Global Business Schools Network (GBSN) and a founding member of the African Association of Business School (AABS -
SBS started small with and has grown to become a recognized brand name in the Kenyan business world. It is currently involved in seeking funding for its new ultramodern buildings whose architectural concept has made it the first ’Green Business School’ in Africa and one of the first in the world.
Within the new buildings a floor of about 500 sq meters has been set up for business incubation projects.
Refer to for more information regarding Advisory Board etc.


@iLabAfrica is a new Center of Excellence in ICT Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Incubation, and Policy Research for Africa, an independent entity in the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) at Stratehmore University
@iLabAfrica has been established to address the Millennium Development goals and contribute toward Kenya’s Vision 2030
The work at @iLabAfrica will concentrate in three main research and development themes to address the aforementioned aims; ICT Innovation, ICT Entrepreneurship & Incubation, and ICT Policy Research. The Center of Excellence has already forged strong relationships with major local and international industry players as well as leading local, regional and international academic institutions in addressing these research objectives
The @iLabAfrica will have the responsibility for the Business Incubator and service all the relevant Faculties of the University and Business School in addition to the FIT
Posted on: 4. september 2011

Launching idea Foundation at Strathmore

Visiting Strathmore in 2011
Strathmore University and Business School will be the first institution to offer start up funds for students and graduates. The first discussions of the idea started in January 2011 so things have moved fast and we are delighted that we can now go live and start to communicate with the student community. The Foundation visited Strathmore in April and was warmly received by Joseph Sevilla, Emmanuel Kweyu and Luis Borallo.